Battlefield V's Next Map, Al Sundan Not Launching with All Game Modes

Published: June 22, 2019 11:10 AM /


battlefield v new map

Earlier this week DICE announced that Al Sundan, the next map coming to Battlefield V, will not launch with the flagship Conquest game mode. This announcement came via the Battlefield V Reddit page, ahead of further announcements coming with Update 4.0. The post reveals that when playing Al Sundan in Conquest, DICE discovered "instances of crashing we're not happy with." DICE is currently working on testing other game modes to see if Al Sundan can still launch with the next chapter of their live service on June 27th. Still, we can expect an update on Monday, June 24th, regarding the status of the new map.


Fans of Battlefield V will remember that this is not DICE's first brush with map issues. A more serious issue forced the very late delay of Panzerstorm, the first free map, back in December. Oddly enough, DICE was able to clear the issue up in just a day, and subsequently pushed the map live. Considering Al Sundan is based on a level from the singleplayer mode, it perhaps wasn't quite ready to see the wide-ranging 32-on-32 multiplayer action that the Battlefield series is known for. Still, DICE is promising that the next map, set in North Africa, will bring large-scale vehicle-oriented action into Battlefield V.

Other major changes coming with Update 4.0 next week include changes to AP mines and rifle grenades, two of the most-requested tweaks by the community. Chapter 4 of Battlefield V will continue with another new map set in Greece sometime later this summer, as well as a reimagining of the classic Operation: Metro map this fall. If European theatre maps aren't quite your thing, then you can always look forward to this fall, which will see the introduction of the American and Japanese factions, as well as a whole host of new weapons and maps. With the release of Chapter 4 on June 27th not far off, one would hope DICE will work out their issues quickly.

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