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Battlefield V's Microtransactions Are Cosmetic-Only, Not Available At Launch

October 31, 2018

By: Patrick Perrault

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After the disaster that was Star Wars: Battlefront II, it was inevitable that there would be changes. As such, Battlefield V's new Tides of War microtransaction system only allows players to purchase cosmetics, rather than the maps and weapons that were previously tied to Battlefield 1's premium pass system.

Recently, EA DICE has unveiled the two types of in-game online currency: the Company Coin, which can only be earned through gameplay, and Battlefield Currency, which can only be purchased with real-world money.


EA stresses that Battlefield V has been developed to "reward how often you play and how well you play." This is a marked change from Battlefield 1, where the actual value of the premium pass and its exclusive content cost as much as the base game itself.

Progress is made through five categories: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter. Through playing the title, players will improve your rank and earn both gameplay and cosmetic items, with the gameplay items including different weapons and parts as well as vehicles. Cosmetic items will allow players to change the skin of their weapons and gear that can change the look of their "soldier".


It is important to note that while Battlefield Currency only unlocks cosmetics, it can be used to "acquire specific cosmetic items" and will not be available at launch. The reason for this is that EA wants players to get "hands-on experience" with the title before introducing the real-world currency, stating that the "rock-paper-scissors" combat should not have a pay-to-win option.


Quick Take

Now that EA has finally had it beaten into their thick skulls that no, it is not okay to hide crucial nations, maps, and weapons behind DLC, I am curious to see how they will try and rip off their loyal fans in the future. For Battlefield VI, will maps be a limited time unlockable that can be unlocked quicker with cash? Will you have to use your gun a certain amount of time per month before you lose it and have to spend money to buy it back? You can never tell with EA, and I doubt that they have learned their lesson for good. We'll see.