Battlefield Players Protesting Server Changes

Published: January 1, 2015 8:10 PM /


Battlefield Server Protest

A large collection of Battlefield 4 clans have banded together to protest against the actions of Swedish developer DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE AB) and publisher Electronic Arts. The group has referred to itself as "WeAreBattlefield" and has posted a thread covering an array of issues ranging from problems with Battlefield servers and treatment by DICE developers.

WeAreBattlefield have stated that on January 3rd a collection of around fifty clans will take their respective servers offline to protest perceived mistreatment by DICE and in part by EA. The members of WeAreBattlefield are hosts of purchased Battlefield 4 servers that state that their frustration comes from a general lack of control, input and response by developers despite paying for the server. The importance of sever hosting is that large clans will often purchase slots for players at their own expense which benefits the developer, as they don't need to cover such costs.

Those a part of WeAreBattlefield claim that developers have done very little to reign in cheating players and there are accusations of political maneuvers by DICE in featuring servers. The full list of grievances can be found on the WeAreBattlefield official forum. Titles published by EA have been scrutinized for years for a mixture of perceived unscrupulous business practices and several abysmal episodes of games launching only to be rendered unplayable. This criticism by the Battlefield community comes just two months before the release of the already controversial sequel Battlefield: Hardline.

Players spoke out on Reddit, explaining their dissatisfaction with the decisions made regarding server hosting, recent problems with developers engaging with the community and expressing a more general sentiment criticizing the release of Battlefield 4. However going by the content of that same Reddit thread, some users are far less sympathetic to the criticism. Many users refer to the protest as pointless and that developer DICE will largely ignore player concerns. In response to that concern Staazvaind, an administrator at the WeAreBattlefield webpage, has offered the following statement:

"No, we don't believe this will make DICE change anything soon but on the other hand the attention already is there. Maybe Dice uses it productively to show they are willing to work on the issues and listen to this alliance of admins."


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