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Information about the newest game in the Battlefield series was supposedly leaked recently. Now it has been confirmed that the newest game in the Battlefield series is Battlefield: Hardline. The website for the game recently went up saying that Battlefield: Hardline's unveiling will happen on June 9th, the day before E3 begins.

What Battlefield: Hardline is exactly is not entirely known. However, the information that was leaked and put on NeoGaf seems to suggest that Battlefield: Hardline is a SWAT themed game with cops and robber kind of feel. What that actually is going to be is of course still up for debate. Maybe Battlefield: Hardline will be somewhat similar to the popular Payday series, or it could be something entirely different, focused not on the heist itself but the escape from a heist.

The supposed leaked weapons do seem to suggest a focus on a heist, as there is something for breaching, laser trip mines, gas grenades, and all other things of that nature. But on the other side, there also seem to be quite a few vehicles added to the game as well, suggesting at least some kind of emphasis on the escape.

It's also not clear whether it will be a PvP game, or something different. There appear to be classes in the game, Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer, and Professional, but those just may be loadouts. If there is a theme of cops and robbers, it is also unclear if players will play on either side, or possibly just on one of the sides as either the copper or robber.

The image (higher res here) certainly does reinforce the promise of some kind of cops and robbers feel. But we must emphasize that this is all speculation and that none of us will know for certain what Battlefield: Hardline is about until June 9th.

Come back here on June 9th to get all the details!

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