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Battlefield 3 Community Modding Platform VU Released

December 21, 2020

By: Robert Grosso


A modding framework for Battlefield 3 has been officially released after several years of development, breathing some new life into an already popular online multiplayer scene. 

The framework is titled VU, or Venice Unleashed, and offers Battlefield 3 players the chance to host their own private dedicated servers, configurable suppression and color correction, and modding capabilities, from small mod tweaks to more gameplay changing mods.

The entire framework offered by VU actually has a lot of potential for dedicated Battlefield 3 players, provided they own a licensed copy of Battlefield 3, which needs to be up-to-date, on Origin. Thankfully, DLC is not necessary to use VU, though you will need DLC to play on DLC-specific servers. 

Players can download VU on the official VU website. Note that you need Windows 7 SP1 or higher to download and run VU. 


Battlefield 3 was developed by DICE and released back in October of 2011. It is often considered one of the best games in the entire Battlefield Franchise, with first-week sales estimated to be about 5 million units across the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It would go on to spawn five DLC packs between 2011 and 2013, before the release of Battlefield 4 in late 2013. 

The development on VU is not done yet either. With the release of VU, the modding team behind the framework is now looking ahead to add more capabilities in the future. Some of the plans on their roadmap include quality of life features such as in-game voice chat, along with the ability to support content authoring, giving players the chance to create their own customizable textures, models, and maps. There is currently no timetable for when those features will be added. 

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