Battlefield 1: New Updates, Tweaks, and Events Incoming

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EA announced on Thursday through a post on the Battlefield website that they plan to continue to support Battlefield 1 for the foreseeable future, and they proceeded to lay out some of those plans for us.

"Major" Update Coming This Month

Sometime during November EA plans to release a "major" update for Battlefield 1. The update will bring various bug fixes and gameplay tweaks to the game, but there are a couple changes that will be much more noticeable.

EA will be adding a Rent-A-Server program to Battlefield 1, as well as a new Custom Game. On top of this, the update will also tweak things like matchmaking and server balancing.

Another major change coming to Battlefield 1 is the addition of Hardcore Servers. However, it is currently unclear if these will be included with the rest of the update or separately. All that EA said concerning them was that "they're coming soon."

The map "Suez" will also be receiving some changes requested by players. For those that might not know the map by name (I know I certainly didn't), Suez is one of the desert maps, but this one is located along a canal. It currently only has three capture points in Conquest, however, the upcoming update will bring that number up to five. The capture area size for the two capture points inside the map's village (currently flags A and C) will be reduced, as well. Lastly, each team will now receive one armored vehicle at their base.


Battlefest Starts November 16

Battlefest is a week-long event in Battlefield 1 that features an array of different limited-time activities. Some of those temporary activities include log-in rewards, a livestream, a "unique" Battlepack revision, and community missions. The post on the Battlefield website promises more to come and that additional Battlefest information will be revealed later.

Custom Games

I mentioned earlier that the upcoming Battlefield 1 update will bring custom games to the game, and EA has announced the first official custom game mode will be Fog of War.

The objective of Fog of War is the same as Team Deathmatch; get more kills than the other team. However, the catch is that the map will be covered with a layer of fog in Fog of War. On top of this, the mini-map and soldier name tags will be turned off.


You can find official Battlefield 1 custom games in the same multiplayer tab where you find the rest of the multiplayer game modes.

New Map Coming Soon

Giant's Shadow is a new map coming to Battlefield 1 sometime this December for free in an update. While we don't know much about the map, it does have a description on the Battlefield 1 maps page. Here is the map's description from that page:
Prepare to take part in the Battle of the Selle in the cold autumn of 1918. Here, the fighting moves out of the trenches and into open country where a massive crashed airship casts its shadow onto the battlefield. The British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are now in pursuit towards an important railway center. Fierce infantry and tank engagements ensue on the open ground and river banks alongside the Cateu-Wassigny railway where an armored train can still turn the tide. Giant’s Shadow will be coming to Battlefield 1 as part of a free update in December.

Quick Take

Fun fact: I played a match on Suez yesterday where my team and I only scored about 50 out of 1000 points in Conquest. I'll be getting war flashbacks from that match for years to come. I'm just really glad they're fixing that map...

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