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Published: September 21, 2016 4:33 PM /


Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 will ship with six gameplay modes and nine maps Dice revealed through the Battlefield Twitter Tuesday. 

Amiens, Argonne Forrest, Ballroom Blitz, Empire's Edge, Fao Fortress, Monte Grappa, Sinai Desert, The St. Quinten Scar and the Suez round out the map poolBattlefield mainstays Rush, Conquest, Domination and Team Deathmatch are back alongside two new gameplay modes, Operations, and War Pigeons. Rush and Conquest were available for play on the Sinai Desert during the Battlefield 1 beta, and veteran Battlefield players should already be familiar with them.

In Rush, players are split into an attacking and defending team. Attackers must push forward through the map until they reach one of two objectives the defending team is guarding. If both of the objectives get taken by the attackers, the defending team falls back deeper into the map with a new spawn point and two new objectives to guard. The attackers get a refill of the communal team "tickets" allotted to overtake the next objective area, of which there are typically three or four. If the attackers overtake all objectives on the map, they win. If the defenders exhaust all of the communal tickets allotted for the attacking team before they overtake their current objective, the defenders win. The new gameplay mode Operations plays out similarly to Rush but over the course of several maps, not just one cut into smaller sections. The players are split into two teams, attacking and defending. Defenders must hold  "the sector" of the map that is being fought over, defending it with stationary machine-guns and cannons. They win by exhausting the communal pool of tickets shared by the attacking team. The attackers spawn in a mass and rush the defender's position in a blitz with tanks, horses and more at their disposal. They win if they capture the very last sector of the last map.

Conquest and Domination are large and small scale versions of each other. In both, players compete for control over certain objective positions marked by flags. In the Battlefield 1 beta, controlling the flags caused your team's score to rise quicker. Since the beta, Dice has altered the scoring system in Conquest to where both capturing objectives and getting kills will contribute to a team's overall conquest score. No specification if the same alteration will be applied to domination.  Conquest plays out across an entire map with the full scope of team and vehicular warfare available. Domination is focused on infantry combat and takes place over smaller maps or sections of maps. 

The other new game mode is War Pigeons. Based on the importance of messenger pigeons during The Great War, a pigeon coup with a messenger pigeon is placed in a random location on a map. Two teams compete to find the pigeon first, take it out to a clearing, write a call for artillery support and send it off to bomb their enemies and win the match. 

I won't be explaining Team Deathmatch. 

Battlefield 1 releases Oct. 21 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first announced DLC, the new map Giant's Shadow, releases for free in December. Season Pass owners can expect the first DLC expansion pack to arrive in March 2017.

Do you plan on traveling back to the time of Soldier's Heart, or are you a modern warfare fighter through and through? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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