Battle Fog in Tactical RPG Tenderfoot Tactics

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Tenderfoot Tactics Preview

Starting October 21, Tenderfoot Tactics will be available to play on Steam. Players will explore a vast archipelago overrun with mysterious fog. Manifestations will block their path, forcing a small group of adventurers to cut them down.

A massive spirit, the Fog is impossibly vast, silent, and cruel. It devours the forests of the mainland. With nowhere else to turn, a group of goblins are blessed with magical power by the archipelago's friendly spirits. They will try to save goblin settlements along the coastline, reveal the truth behind the mysterious Fog, and do their best to stop it for good.

Using nature and elemental powers can alter the terrain and change the flow of combat. Players can also evolve to master the elements and fight back. Featuring a charming minimalist model design, the game promises complex dungeons and thoughtful gameplay. The Steam page boasts a "novel, deterministic combat system," and promises easy-to-grasp concepts with hidden depths. Tenderfoot Tactics eschews miss chances and damage ranges for a more organic feel. But, the magic of the spirits is not to be taken lightly. There may be severe consequences for meddling in the natural geography.

Explore a massive open world, with crumbling ruins, strange forgotten artifacts, and new friends to discover. Travel by boat and sail to other islands, or become a bird to scout ahead and plan your route.

Fellow goblins, rejoice, as Tenderfoot Tactics will release right before Halloween. In the meantime, be sure to check back with us frequently at TechRaptor for the latest goblinoid news and more from gamescom in the coming days.

What do you think of Tenderfoot Tactics? Does it look like a tactics game you can get behind, or one you're likely to leave behind? Let us know in the comments below!

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