Batman: Arkham Knight Refunds Offered By Warner Bros.

Published: November 2, 2015 6:15 PM /


Batman Arkham Knight With Manbat

In yet another development in the Batman: Arkham Knight PC port fiasco, game publisher Warner Brothers Interactive is now offering full refunds for the PC version of the recently re-released game. The relaunch of Batman: Arkham Knight hasn't been well accepted among fans, with many finding that there are numerous issues still in the game, leading to even more of a backlash on the game that had been pulled from Steam earlier this year. The already infamous October patch notes (which can be found here) address several key issues like a memory leak issue, several key re-bind issues that could potentially crash the game and alt-tab crashes. 

The patch was supposed to fix many of the problems players experienced when Batman: Arkham Knight first released in June earlier this year, or at least make the game run adequately, but instead all users seemed to notice was that addon content was now available for the game. Players took to the Steam forums to complain about yet another patch that promised to fix a lot, but in reality fixed very little. Some players on the forums and on the store page are reporting a noticeable difference, but the majority of players say that the differences are either non-existent or negligible.

In what seems to be an attempt to remove some of the extremely negative reviews on the Steam store page, Warner Brothers Interactive will allow you to request a full refund of the game including season pass with no questions asked and regardless of how many hours you may have played it. Warner Brothers, who already offered players the option to refund Batman: Arkham when they pulled the game from online stores back in June, has said that they will continue to work on new patches to fix the game, but at this point public opinion may have soured to such a degree that no amount of bugfixes can restore consumer faith in the company. If you want to request a refund you can do so here. Note that this offer is only valid until the end of the year. GMG also announced that players who bought the game on their store are still eligible for a full refund. Once again matching Steam and acceding to WB Games request, the online retailer is once again allowing refund requests for Batman: Arkham Knight through the end of this year matching steam's terms on the matter. There has been no word from other retail outlets in regards to refunds at this time.

Quick Take

And here we are yet again. I've said it before and I will say it again: I have not seen something this bad in a very long time. If you're still one of the hopefuls that is hanging on to their copy of the game until it may eventually be fixed, you are now given an out. At this point it's a better idea to request a refund and buy the console version than wait on Warner Bros to get their act together and deliver on what they promised. 

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