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Published: October 24, 2015 2:11 PM /


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The long awaited PC version to the next installment in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight has finally been given a new release date. You will be able to purchase, once again, Batman: Arkham Knight on October 28th. At the same time, a content patch will be added to bring the PC version up to date with console versions of the game in terms of DLC, patches, and more.

This also means that Warner Bros feels the game has been patched to an acceptable point to release the game. Arkham Knight on PC has slowly been patched over time since they removed it from stores worldwide. Those that purchased it before it released have been privy to those patches offering the developers additional feedback in addition to their internal testing.

The problems with the PC version were noticed right away, many people not being able to play the game whatsoever. Warner Bros removed the game quickly from stores, promising to fix the issues and re-release it, as well as offering refunds not just via Steam but also other platforms as well. 

To many this was a breath of fresh air as many large budget titles were met with plenty of bugs to only slowly, and some times not at all, be fixed over time. 

The full list of DLC that will be patched at the same time can be found in the announcement.

Will you be purchasing Arkham Knight on PC? If you have been playing through the patches, have you noticed a significant difference in performance?

Quick Take

While many were dismayed by the news that Arkham Knight was being pulled, it seems as though it was definitely the right move. Of course, it would have been best to not have it be released at all until it was in a stable state, but that is neither here nor there at the moment. In other words, I'd say that Warner Bros' approach to the Arkham Knight is a reasonable model for future publishers to look towards if they find themselves in a similar position.

However, the good will Warner Bros has garnered here will only have diminishing returns if other companies decide to do the same thing.


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