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Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Again

March 23, 2015 3:00 PM



Rocksteady's conclusion to their Batman trilogy, Arkham Knight, has been delayed another three weeks to its new release date of June 26th, 2015.




This is the second delay for Rocksteady's latest outing with the Dark Knight. The game was originally to be released in October of 2014 but a delay was announced last fall, pushing the release date to Summer 2015. When speaking to GameSpot last year, Rocksteady marketing game manager Guy Perkins remarked that the delay was simply to avoid delivering a substandard product.

“If we didn’t give the team more time to do it, then we would be releasing something that we weren’t happy with. We want to make sure we’re absolutely nailing it 100%,” he said.

Rocksteady has not offered a reason for this most recent delay but has attempted to soften the blow by releasing new in game footage featuring a cutscene conversation between the caped crusader and Jim Gordon, transitioning to Batman's pursuit of Scarecrow through Gotham City itself. It even squeaks in a Batman disappears from conversations joke, as if the Dark Knight Rises hadn't already beaten that horse enough.


Despite its 'on rails' feel, the video provided by Rocksteady demonstrates a good mix of Rocksteady's eclectic gameplay. The free flow combat system is highlighted, featuring new moves for Bruce Wayne that seem to break the 'wait, counterattack' method that was one of the only complaints about Rocksteady's system. Also shown is a long Batmobile combat sequence showing thethe odd movement of the Batmobile, which seems to move more like a 3rd-person protagonist than a traditional vehicle.



Ultimately a three week delay isn't the end of the world, we can only hope this small delay is fine tuning and not representative of a more significant issue.

How about you Raptors? Are you planning to pick up Arkham Knight? Are you horribly distraught by this delay? Say words to me in the comments below!

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