Base Builder Zombie Cure Lab is Coming to Steam

Published: July 14, 2022 3:50 PM /


Zombie cure lab gameplay screenshot

A new post-apocalyptic base builder is coming to Steam, which looks adorable. Zombie Cure Lab will be available during early access sometime this year, and players will need to reverse the damage the apocalypse has caused. 

Zombie Cure Lab Gameplay Screenshot of a cute little zombie carrying resources on its head.


The game introduces a new concept to the zombie-filled world; zombies are friends! In most games, the goal is to irradicate as many zombies as possible to clear the infection and stop the spread, but here, it is all about working to cure the zombies and make them slightly more functional. While zombies will first attack the player's base, once they are cured of their mindlessness, they will begin to help the scientists expand and work on new technology. 

Though the zombies have taken over the world, scientists worked day and night to create an antidote rather than a way to wipe them all off the planet's face. This is a cute and refreshing take on most zombie games gamers have come to know. In the game, your aim is to create a thriving facility to work towards a complete cure, not just an antidote that makes zombie-human hybrids. 

Players must build their base from the ground up, constructing walls and fences to keep the still-aggressive zombies at bay. This provides shelter for the player's scientists to work towards finding that final cure. Players will also need to keep building upon their technology to maintain a sufficient amount of treatment to keep labs up and running. Players will do so by going out to gather resources, manage different worker types, and even set up day and night shifts for the lab employees to keep everything running smoothly 24/7. 


The game includes over 200 pieces of technology for you to expand into. This is vital to sustaining the labs and building high-tech lab equipment to keep up with the growing workload. Doing so will allow players to progress through all four tech tiers available and finally create a cure. Speaking of cures, that's the central concept of the game. Healing the zombies completely is the primary goal, not just keeping them from feasting on the player's arms for a little while. Players will need to freeze the zombies in place with their handy freezer gun and then kindly bring them into their labs for treatment. 

The zombies arent always all smiles and laughs, though. They get into a bad mood, become aggressive, and start to break apart pieces of the player's lab. Players must maintain the zombies, also known as 'humbies,' happiness level at all times to avoid disaster. 

While the game doesn't have a set release date, the concept is charming and intriguing. The fact that the scientists are working towards a cure instead of blasting the zombies into oblivion is a nice change of pace in the zombie world. Those who want to add the game to their wishlist and await its launch can do so on Steam. For more information about Zombie Lab Cure, check out their official website


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