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Backpack Hero Roadmap Includes New Characters And Dungeon

August 16, 2022

By: Patrick Perrault


The inventory management roguelike Backpack Hero had an excellent launch, which means we get to talk about the Backpack Hero roadmap. While it obviously wasn't as huge of a launch as Cult of the Lamb, players can expect to see monthly item updates during Backpack Hero's Early Access, which for an inventory management game is fairly essential to keep things fresh. Starting next week, players can expect bug fixes and new items, and there will also eventually be added meta progression to help keep the game interesting. That update is a long way off, though, so let's take a look at things coming sooner, shall we?

What's included with the Backpack Hero roadmap?

Next month, players will receive Satchel, a new character. In October there will be a curse rework, which means there will be a new dungeons to explore, rebalancing of the curse mechanic, reactionary attacks, and spooky Halloween-esque items. Pochette, the second character, is coming in November along with new enemies.


As for December, players will be able to enjoy new NPCs and holiday items. January 2022 has the developers taking a month off, and February 2022 will include the aforementioned town update, new challenges, and the ability to craft towns. Basically, there will be permanent resources that the player can use to "upgrade their town, plant plants, build buildings, and attract new villagers". The third and final added character prior to release, Duffel, is coming in March. The full release is scheduled for April 2023.

Want to see the Backpack Hero roadmap for yourself? Check it out below:

Backpack Hero Roadmap
There's a lot going on in the Backpack Hero roadmap.

What is Backpack Hero?

Basically, players will collect rare items and organize their bag while taking down their enemies. It's a twist on the deck-building roguelike formula, so while your deck (in this case, the items you're carrying) is important, the placement of the items in the backpack is also integral. The game includes hundreds of rare items, over 40 enemies, and randomly generated endless dungeons to explore.

If all the Backpack Hero roadmap sounded interesting to you, Backpack Hero is currently available for 10% off on Steam's Early Access program. It also has a demo, so be sure to give that a try before you drop $15.29 on the game. If you want to get involved in the community, there's a Discord you can visit.


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