Bachelor's Degree Center Shares Best Game Design Courses in 2019

Published: May 15, 2019 11:00 AM /



The Bachelor's Degree Center (BDC) has released rankings of the best Game Design degrees in the US for 2019, ranking Bachelor’s programs from different universities based upon a variety of criteria.

As noted by BDC editors, “enthusiasm for video games has created a global industry projected to reach $140 billion by 2020.” This ever-increasing popularity has lead to an ever-expanding population of would-be video game creators. As with most creative fields, it is an extremely difficult industry to break into, meaning that qualifications such as these are key.

The BDC have ranked these programs according to the fastest, most affordable, and best overall. The criteria for judging the quality of these programs are “Average Alumni Salary, Employment Rate, Graduation Rate, Reputation, and Tuition Cost.”

According to these criteria, the best Game Design program in the US for 2019 can be found at George Mason University, the second-best at the University of Cincinnati and the third at the University of Baltimore.

As the BDC note, these degrees are useful in far more areas than just video game creation. “Game art, design, and development is becoming central to all kinds of industries, from medicine (with doctors and nurses training on simulations) to education (with the gamification of learning) and even the military (with simulated training and drone warfare becoming key to protecting forces) … Students learning programming and designing today will be transforming industries in ways we can't even predict tomorrow.”

BDC have also provided a ranking of the best online programs, noting the importance of choosing between on-campus and online. Being on-campus “gives students access to cutting-edge labs, industry-experienced mentors, and connections that will make their career transition seamless.”

However, the convenience of online programs is a significant factor. BDC noted that this “could be the best choice for people already working in some area of the video game industry – low-level programmers or designers who want a bachelor’s degree to increase their skills or advance in their career, for instance.”

This BDC report outlines a variety of pathways for would-be video game creators or others interested in the technology sector - answering questions of affordability, duration, convenience and quality.

Are you interested in working in video game design? Have you considered studying video game design? What do you think of the Bachelor's Degree Center lists? Let us know in the comments below!


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