Baba Is You Gets Level Editor Next Year

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Baba Is You Gets Level Editor Next Year

November 18, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo

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Hempuli Oy
Hempuli Oy
Nintendo Switch, PC
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March 13, 2019 (Calendar)
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Good news to fans of puzzle game Baba Is You! The developer has announced that the game will be getting a level editor for user created levels some time next year. Now you can make your own Baba levels.

Developer Hempuli Oy took to Twitter to make this announcement. There's not much to it yet, just the fact that Baba Is You will indeed be getting a level editor. Furthermore, the level editor will allow players to share levels using the power of the internet. Will this require friend codes like Super Mario Maker does? Will you be able to just toss the levels online and let anyone play them? Will this mean more levels by the developers themselves? Will the editor be PC only, or come to the Switch version as well? There's still plenty of questions, but no answers to them yet. However, more details, including a release date for the level editor, will be announced sometime in 2020.

If you haven't had a chance to play Baba Is You yet, the game puts you in the role of an adorable little animal named Baba. You can push around blocks that make up the rules of each level, letting you change how the level works at any point. Maybe you want to make touching lava mean you win? Then you need to find a push the lava block and make it so that you have "lava is win." The game launched to some extremely high praise and some of the later puzzles are noticeably clever.

Baba Is You is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch. The level editor has no exact release date yet.


How do you feel about this level editor? Going to make some amazing Baba Is You levels? Think the ones that came with the game are already hard enough? Let us know in the comments below!

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