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An Awesome Pokemon Feature is Making a Comeback

July 10, 2014 1:58 PM

By: Matt Dobrzanski


Surprise! Secret bases are coming back! Arguably one of Pokemon's best features, secret bases were introduced in Ruby and Sapphire and are exactly what they sound like. A player's secret base was a special hidden hang out place that could be decorated to your heart's content, a concept that sounds only kind of cool at first, but quickly becomes a time consuming part of your life. Not only can your parents not bother you in your secret base, but the items available to you to decorate your base are some of the coolest things you'll ever see. Treecko plush toy is all I'll say. 

But secret bases are going to have even more to offer this time around. With the abilities of current communication features, players can visit secret bases from around the world. Upon entering a player's secret base, the player will be hanging out inside of the base, where you can talk to them or even challenge them to a battle! You can designate your secret base with a special QR code, with which players can use to visit a particular player they wish to see. Players can even use decorations to create tricks in their secret base, so it's definitely going to be fun to see how player's set up their secret bases.





A capture the flag activity will also be a feature for player's to compete in. Next to a player's secret PC is a flag that other player's can take once a day from each base they visit. Taking flags increases your teams rank and will earn you rewards that you can use for a few different things including your Secret Pals. Flag colors are based on a teams rank, so player's will be able to discern another's team rank at a glance.  Secret bases are an exciting addition and it'll be fun to see how this old new feature turns out.



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