Awesome Games Done Quick Begins January 8th

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Mark your calendars because it's time to punch cancer in the gut! Awesome Games Done Quick, the bi-annual gaming event where speedrunners raise money for charity, is being held beginning January 8th. This time around the money donated will go towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Fighting cancer isn't the only thing worth donating for as many video game incentives will again be up for grabs. From gaming memorabilia to naming every character in Final Fantasy "Waluigi" (Do it), AGDQ looks to keep viewers entertained all throughout the week until the event ends on January 15th.

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Previous "Games Done Quick" events included many memorable speed runs, such as Pepsi Man featuring Pepsi Man himself, Kingdom Hearts with a Disney Sing-along, and the (in)famous Super Metroid four-player competition to save/kill the animals. The schedule for this year looks to add more moments to the Games Done Quick archives. Skimming through the plethora of games reveals stand-outs such as Mario Paint (What), Wayne's World, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and ending the event with an Undertale run for the "True Pacifist Ending."

What started as a small event for charity a few years ago has exploded into one of the largest events in modern gaming. Awesome Games Done Quick can be viewed on their own official Website, which is also where you can easily donate to murder those poor defenseless bastards in Super Metroid. You can also view the event drowned in the millions of "Kappas" from the official Twitch stream. For some, including myself, reading the Twitch Chat during these events is almost as entertaining as the speed runs themselves.

You can binge the many excellent speed runs of Awesome Games Done Quick beginning January 8th at 10:30 AM CST. Just don't forget to call off work and remind your loved ones you're still alive.

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