AWAY: The Survival Series Launches Q1 2020, Reveals New Gameplay Details

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AWAY: The Survival Series Launches Q1 2020, Reveals New Gameplay Details

June 26, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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Breaking Walls
Breaking Walls
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September 28, 2021 (Calendar)
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Upcoming animal adventure AWAY: The Survival Series has a launch window. It's coming sometime in Q1 2020 for PC and PS4. Developer Breaking Walls has also released some new gameplay info.

The biggest and most exciting new feature is the ability to play as other animals. AWAY: The Survival Series casts players as a sugar glider, but you'll also be able to play as a lizard, a frog, and other animals. Each animal has its own unique traits and attributes, so you'll be able to experience the game's world from a variety of different perspectives. You can check out the new gameplay trailer for AWAY: The Survival Series below:

The new trailer gives a sneak peek at some of the new animals. There's a praying mantis, a crab, and a wolf, among others. It's not yet clear exactly what purpose those animals will serve during gameplay. If you're all about the sugar glider, don't worry; the trailer shows off plenty of footage of our adorable winged friend. AWAY: The Survival Series looks to have a pretty impressive ecosystem. In the trailer, you can see the sugar glider fighting a scorpion, preying on a bug, and gliding through a rocky underpass alongside a bird. Here's hoping the final product plays as good as it looks.


AWAY: The Survival Series is an adventure game inspired by nature documentaries. It was announced last month during Sony's State of Play conference. Storms are threatening the survival of every species on Earth. You play as a sugar glider who's looking for a new home for their family. As you search, you'll explore vast environments, battle many different creatures, and experience a massive, thriving ecosystem. Breaking Walls' game will launch for PS4 and PC in Q1 next year. We don't have a specific release date for the game just yet. For more info, you can check out the official AWAY: The Survival Series website.

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