Aviary Attorney and the Curious Case of the Missing Ending

Published: January 1, 2016 8:01 AM /


Aviary Attorney Review

If you like your court cases with a little less human, and a bit more fowl then you may have stumbled on the aptly-titled Aviary Attorney. The game transports you back to 1848, a simpler time where all your legal needs as an animal would be taken care of by Jayjay Falcon, attorney at law. Who is Phoenix Wright again?

On the 22nd of December, one day after the game's release, the developer posted an update on the Aviary Attorney community page on Steam, warning users that one of the endings wasn't finished yet, but that they would be implementing the final ending “within the next few days.”

Those few days came as passed, and people who bought the game were still encountering a 'Coming Soon' screen with one of the endings, with the game suggesting you go back and try one of the other (finished) endings. A user on Reddit who broke the story to the popular /r/games subreddit noted that the game may have been released in an incomplete state for the annual winter sale.

On the developer's official Twitter account, the developer states that they are hard at work to finish the promised ending. A user asking how they managed to ship an unfinished visual novel, the developer responded with the following:


This tweet chain, sent out on the 26th of December, also states that the update that adds the final ending to the game would be ready for release on the 27th or the 28th. Those dates also came and passed and the developer hasn't posted an update through the official channels yet, although they did post a response on the Reddit thread explaining that the decision to release the game unfinished stems from the fact that they already were 6 months past their deadline. He ends by saying that anyone who feels "conned by the game's current state" can request a refund from them directly if their playtime exceeds the 2-hour maximum Steam allows for refunds. The developer also added a note on the Steam Store page disclosing the fact that one of the endings is missing at the bottom of the about segment.

Why they didn't just push back the date of the release until they had finished the game seems to be the big question that players are asking themselves, and the developer's silence on the matter isn't doing much to diffuse the situation. As a result of this, the game's rating on the Steam Store page has fallen somewhat.

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