Autonauts Will Be Getting Free Content Until April 2020 At Least


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Autonauts Will Be Getting Free Content Until April 2020 At Least

November 22, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Everyone loves free content. If you've been playing new survival management game Autonauts then you'll be happy to hear that it'll be getting free content for at least 6 months. So that's a lot.

The first bit of new content actually launched today. Titled "Autumnauts," this update adds in a new bot for you to play with, the winner of user content. There's also new articles of clothing to wear, new items that you can cook, and gnomes. Because every good game needs gnomes to populate the world.

In December the "Xmasnauts" update drops. While it isn't specific on what exactly, the plan is to add new fauna to the game, new buildings, and more food options.

January sees the first major update with "Phase 2: The Age of Steam." The biggest addition here is mod support for the game, allowing players to add their own wacky robots. Steam engines will also be added to the game, allowing you a new way to power the robots that you make. Character's health will begin to play a role, and you'll need to make medicine to keep them from getting sick. Of course, bigger homes will also be added, so you can live in style.


February sees the "Waternauts" update. More fish will be added to the game, and it'll add the ability to build an aquarium so you can show off the fish you've caught and make some cute pets.

March's update is titled "Easternauts" and is another update that focuses on adding fauna, buildings, and food options.

Finally, April ends the current roadmap of free content was "Phase 3: The Age of Enlightenment." The big addition here is adding in educational and art opportunities, so your little characters can learn. Please do not teach the robots anything. It also adds oil as a resource and allows you to build an oil refinery. Best of all, you can leave this mortal realm and transcend, though what exactly that will consist of hasn't been revealed. Of course, there will also be more fauna, buildings, and clothing added as well.

Autonauts is currently available on PC.

How do you feel about these free updates? Going to pick Autonauts up? Did you try to teach the robots to feel? Let us know in the comments below!

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