Augmented Reality Girls Trinity Blends Anime and Mobile Gaming

Published: September 12, 2016 2:40 PM /


Augmented Reality Girls Trinary

Toei Animation and Gust’s new smartphone game Augmented Reality Girls Trinary has new details about its cute characters and features. The mobile title is being called an “anime cross-link RPG” which will fuse anime and video games for a unique experience. In Trinary, the characters exist on the other side of a device’s screen and players can interact with them.

Communicate with the Trinary girls using your smartphone.

The latest information regarding the game introduces the main characters and storyline. The animation will be done by Toei Animation and a weekly anime episode will be released through the app, as well as on Youtube, Niconico, and other paid distribution websites. Set in Tokyo, the story will revolve around a cast of young girls that must fight against enemies after a strange occurrence has altered the city.

15-year-old Tsubame Ohse arrives in Tokyo to see her favorite musical artist in concert before her plans get drastically changed. Despite being hospitalized throughout middle school she has a cheery disposition and is willing to work hard. Ayami Kunimasa is 21, trained in kendo and serves the role of mediator for the Trinary. Polish gunslinger Gabby is the youngest girl in the group at 14 and has a big competitive streak. Miyabi Koigasaki is a technology specialist with a passion for cooking. Lastly, Kagura Ukuki is a Tokyo native who loves magical girls, light novels, gaming and now fights in the Trinary too.

A large cocoon shows up in modern Tokyo, Japan and is called ‘The Phenomenon". Those that are captured by it go mad and begin killing each other. To deal with the situation the government has created a special military force of young girls with the ability to wield powerful weapons called trigadgets and resolve the phenomenon, known as the Augmented Reality Girls Trinary. Inside the cocoon is a world of its own where beings called “Clans” materialize and only the Trinary can stop them.

Augmented Reality Girls Trinary

A key element of the game will be communicating with the girls through mobile devices and will allow players to get to know the girls and create bonds with them. Augmented Reality Girls Trinary will be released for iOS and Android this year in Japan. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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