Attack on Titan Video Game Coming This August

Published: April 8, 2016 9:30 AM /



Attack on Titan is a rather popular manga and anime that's mostly know for its amazingly intense fight scenes. It's the kind of thing you'd think would be a no brainer for a video game adaption but it seems the winning formula has evaded the grasp of developers so far. Omega Force announced last year that they will be taking a shot at it, and now we seem to know when the game will hit the states.

The game, also just called Attack on Titan in the United States (in Europe it will be titled Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom), came out in Japan back in February. The game will finally make its way to us on August 30th. It will be releasing both physically and digitally on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and only digitally on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and on Steam. At the current time there is no price point set for the game.


Attack on Titan will follow the first season of the anime. The game allows you to zip around and fight the titular titans using the same tools from the show. You'll also be able to go outside the walled city to collect materials to build new weapons and keep yourself stocked up. The game is being made both for fans of the show and as a starting point for people with no knowledge of it, and will feature ten playable characters.

This isn't the first video game adaption of Attack on Titan. Back in 2014 a Nintendo 3DS game developed by Spike Chunsoft, called Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, was released to almost universal negative reaction. An iOS/Android Clash of Clans-styled game called Attack on Titan: Howl Towards Freedom was also released in 2014 but it never made its way stateside. Capcom is also currently working on an arcade game.

Attack on Titan will release August 30th for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and on Steam.


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