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ATOM RPG: Trudograd Showcased

Published: November 30, 2019 8:18 PM



Postapocalyptic survival game ATOM RPG is getting a new standalone expansion. Currently titled ATOM RPG: Trudograd, it features new locations and content. AtomTeam posted a video showcasing some of the music and new graphical abilities.

The video demonstrates new graphical abilities of our engine, as well as the classic Russian song "Tishina" ("Silence") that will be featured in the upcoming game's soundtrack.

No gameplay or story elements were revealed in the trailer, but the haunting Russian vocals and musical swells accompanied by howling wind set a somber tone. Two figures huddle by a burning barrel for warmth. Broken-down cars and leaning power lines are visible in the background, suggesting the two unlucky souls are on a defunct highway. Snow blows across the road, and the camera slowly pans back to reveal a presumably dead man slumped over the wheel of his frozen car before the trailer ends.


The base ATOM RPG game explains that the Soviet Union and Western Bloc destroyed each other using nuclear weapons, leaving scattered pockets of survivors around. Using a GURPS-based system, players are free to build a wide variety of characters. Inspired by the likes of Fallout and Fallout 2, ATOM RPG features nonlinear gameplay and a vast world to explore. It is likely that ATOM RPG: Trudograd will follow in its predecessor's footsteps, though developers have noted that gameplay and story elements are still subject to change.

AtomTeam released their showcase video earlier today on their YouTube channel.


Please be aware that the content of ATOM RPG: Trudograd is subject to change, as it is still in development. The company made an announcement recently on their Steam page with some additional concept art. Their announcement includes a sneak peek at an exoskeleton armor suit, so be sure to check it out if it tickles your fancy.

What do you think? Does AtomTeam's video leave you wishing for a nuclear winter? Spark a discussion in the comments below.


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