Atlanta Reign Next Named Overwatch League Team, Paris Announces Roster

Published: October 23, 2018 2:26 PM /


overwatch league - atlanta reign

The Overwatch League has announced the name of one of the eight upcoming expansion teams in a news post on the game's official website: the Atlanta Reign. Additionally, the as-yet-unnamed Paris team has announced their roster via their Twitter account.

Blizzard's premier e-sports league will be kicking off its second season in just a few months. The twelve original teams will be joined by eight new expansion teams. While we know the cities that these teams will be representing, we haven't yet heard anything about their names until now.


The Atlanta Reign's official colors are grey, charcoal grey, and red. The team's logo is a phoenix which references the Georgian city's seal and will leave any potential Arizonan teams hard-pressed for a logo. The team is owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures, a business partnership between Cox Enterprises and Province, Inc. that was created earlier this year.

While some of the coaching staff has been named (such as Brad “Sephy” Rajani as the Head Coach), no players have been officially announced as of yet. However, their staff does include a Korean translator which makes it likely that some or all of the team is going to feature players from that region.

Aside from the Atlanta Reign announcement, the Paris team has detailed their roster for the second season of the professional e-sports league in a tweet:

While each of these players are strong candidates in their own right, the most prominent is arguably Soon. This DPS player played for the Los Angeles Valiant in the first season and became known for the fans shouting "Soon!" in a low rumble that was occasionally confused for booing. Soon has notable specialties with Tracer and Widowmaker and he's sure to make for a strong addition for Paris' first season.

There are still seven more teams (including Paris) which are going to have their names revealed in the coming weeks and months as we get nearer to the launch of the Overwatch League's second season. You can keep up with the Atlanta Reign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you can keep up with Paris' team on Twitter. The second season of the Overwatch League begins on February 14, 2018.


What do you think of the Atlanta team's name? Do you like the color choices and logo for the Reign? Are there any particularly excellent players in the Paris Roster? Let us know in the comments below!



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