Astroneer 1.1 Update Adds Extra Large Shredders, Increases Research Costs

Published: May 13, 2019 11:42 AM /


Astroneer 1.1 Update - Caves

The Astroneer 1.1 Update is here and it's made some nice changes to the game! This update adds a couple of new items for you to research and build, overhauls some planets, and increases Byte costs for researching across the board. Let's break it down!

The big-ticket additions to the Astroneer 1.1 Update include the Extra Large Shredder and Extra Large Platform C. The Extra Large Shredder (printed at the Large Printer for 2 Tungsten Carbide and 2 Steel; costs 5,000 Bytes to unlock) can destroy even bigger modules that you might not want anymore and it will only fit on the Extra Large Platform C (printed at the Large Printer for 2 Iron and 2 Steel; costs 5,000 Bytes to unlock).

Here's what you can chop up into Scrap in the new Extra Large Shredder:

  • Atmospheric Condenser
  • Chemistry Lab
  • EXO Dynamics Research Aid expended pyramid top
  • Large Printer
  • Large Seat (3-seat)
  • Large Shredder
  • Large Storage
  • Partially Wrecked Medium Platform
  • Research Module
  • Smelter
  • Soil Centrifuge
  • Trade Module
  • Wrecked Medium Platform
  • Wrecked Research Module
  • Wrecked Rover
  • Wrecked Smelter
Astroneer 1.1 Update Customization
The Astroneer 1.1 Update makes it easier to see your customization options before getting into the game.

Another new addition in the update is a brand-new customization window (seen above). This lets you see what suit you have equipped before you land on the planet, saving you valuable time if you don't like your threads!

Additionally, the Byte costs of all items in the Catalog have now been increased by 25%. This applies to pretty much everything. The devs felt that the copious amount of harvestable research made it a little too easy to progress through the Catalog quickly and so they've made it take a little bit longer.

There's one nice thing to point out about this update: you won't have to create a new world. Even though some of the planets are getting new underground areas, you can keep on playing and your bases should be unaffected by the new additions. The devs said in our PAX West interview that they'd try to avoid you having to create new worlds after the game's release and it looks like they've kept their promise!

There are quite a few small bug fixes and other changes in the Astroneer 1.1 Update including oxygen generation at the center of the planet and improvements to the beloved zebra balls! Read the full Astroneer 1.1 Update patch notes for all the details. If you don't yet already own Astroneer, you can buy it on Steam for $29.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also buy Astroneer on sale over at the Humble Store for $23.99, a 20% discount off of its normal price. Now's as good a time as any to pick it up! You might also want to check out our review of the game!

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What do you think of the changes in the Astroneer 1.1 Update? What would you like to see added to the game next? Let us know in the comments below!

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