Assault Android Cactus+ Released On Steam, Price To Rise After Sale

Published: May 1, 2019 11:20 AM /


assault android cactus+

Assault Android Cactus has been upgraded. The new version is titled Assault Android Cactus+ and adds a number of new features to the game, bringing the PC version in line with the recently released Switch edition.

First up, there's a new campaign mode. Campaign+ is effectively a Hard Mode version of the original Assault Android Cactus' campaign. Each stage has been rebuilt and now contains new enemy patterns and dynamic elements. In practice, this means new encounters for players to enjoy, as well as more dangerous and exciting boss fights. Developer Witch Beam says this is "more than just a hard mode", giving players new leaderboards, a fresh challenge for co-op players, and a new campaign experience.

Also new to Assault Android Cactus+ is an Automatic Aim accessibility option. This toggle will take care of aiming when not using the right stick or mouse, allowing players to concentrate on movement and weapon fire. Witch Beam says this mode is intended for those who struggle with the controls as well as anyone who "wants to give their thumb a rest". Lastly for the big stuff, Assault Android Cactus has also added a new costume for each of its playable Android characters. Players can unlock these costumes by beating stages as the corresponding Android. Here's a little preview of the costumes you can expect to unlock:

assault android cactus costumes

Witch Beam has also introduced a number of quality-of-life improvements and small additions to Assault Android Cactus. You can check out the full list of changes right here. To celebrate the game's upgrade, it's currently on sale for 50% off on Steam. Witch Beam says that once the sale ends, it'll be increasing the price of the game. The studio thinks Assault Android Cactus+ is "just a different and better game than what we released in 2015" and that the price should reflect that. Those who already own the game will receive the new stuff as a free update.

Assault Android Cactus was originally released for PC back in 2015. The game is developed by Witch Beam, an Australian studio who are also responsible for upcoming puzzle game Unpacking.

Will you be picking up Assault Android Cactus+? Do you already own the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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