Arma 3 Zeus DLC Gameplay Revealed

Gaming article by Andrew Otton on Sunday, February 16, 2014 - 22:43

The Arma 3 Development team had an official livestream this Saturday that showed off the new features and tools introduced in the Zeus DLC. Announced this past Thursday by Bohemia Interactive, the new and free DLC is not the standard DLC you might expect to find in other FPS games, like map packs or gun packs, but Arma 3 itself isn't necessarily like many other FPS games either.

You can play as Zeus, otherwise known as the "Game Master," where you have control to shape the way the game is going, from spawning units and vehicles, creating barriers, killing units with Zeus' lightning, and more.

This is how Bohemia explains it:

Watching the battlefield from a bird's-eye view, wielding an intuitive real-time editor, Zeus can create, manipulate or expand mission content to generate new stories and a flow of challenges.
The new DLC comes with all new scenarios (map types) created specifically to work with the newly created Zeus tool, but the Zeus Design Leader Karel Moricky claims that players will be able to modify it to suit their needs, no restrictions. The result of course being that players could create their own scenarios for other people to play. The Zeus tool also works with preexisting map types as well like Team Deathmatch.

Check out the gameplay video below!

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