Arma 3 Update 2.00 released, Adds Firing Drill And More

Published: October 14, 2020 11:25 AM /


Arma 3

Bohemia Interactive has announced Arma 3 update 2.00, which includes new content such as the firing drill. The game also adds a new color edition for an existing firearm, camos for some gear, new Steam achievements, and players can now share compositions made within Arma 3's scenario editor in the Steam Workshop.

The firing drill is called Course of Fire: Gray, and challenges players to set a record time on the course. A familiar character from the Arma 3 story campaigns will be hosting the course, and a gold medal will be given to those who complete the drill in under two minutes. Players will also find easter eggs if they both "know where to look and what to do." 

Custom compositions from the game can now be hosted on the Steam Workshop, and players can do this by accessing pretty much everything within Arma 3, ranging from vehicles and equipment to structures and props. Once done, the player needs to save their selected assets as a custom composition and publish it in the Steam workshop. Compositions can be anything from military camps, Halloween festivals, or anything in between. If you want to help or just want to peruse the documentation behind this new addition, be sure to go to Bohemia Interactive's Community Wiki.

If you want to check out the complete changelog to the newest Arma 3 patch, be sure to check it out on the official website. Those who still haven't picked up the game yet can pick up the base game and all of its DLC for up to 75% off on Steam. The sale begins today and will go until Monday, October 19, so you have some time to decide how much you're going to splurge on the military simulator.

What do you think of Arma 3 update 2.00? Does it meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!