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Published: December 14, 2016 7:42 PM /


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Today, Ready at Dawn announced the release date for their next title, the cartoonish, arena smash-em-up Deformers, which is about as different as you can get from their last title The Order: 1886. Gone is the narrative and the drab colors, replaced by fast-paced party action with splashes of color everywhere. What we learned is that we'll be getting to experience the joys of a pig with reindeer horns ramming a spinning pile of pancakes on February 14, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Ready at Dawn has been slowly releasing more information in the form of short trailers for Deformers, the most recent of which was released today - titled The Workshop. While there's a lack of details on precisely how this works, it appears that you can buy new forms in the game, along with various customization options like attachments, tags, and emotes. The gameplay above also shows the currency used to unlock it being earned in game via playing.

Another reveal they did a little while back, is a game mode that varies the title up from just arena combat. Form Ball was announced and it is essentially Deformers in a Rocket League-style game. Instead of cars, players will take on all the weird forms and set up of Deformers.

The last video they showed, introduced classes for Deformers, with a set of five classes being in the game. There's the jack of all trades Ranger, the damage dealing Striker, the tanky Guardian, the shooty shoot Marksman and the fragile Speedster.

Deformers is an always online game and is all about the multiplayer party action, with split-screen multiplayer also included. It is being published by Game Trust, the game publishing arm of Game Stop who currently have it up for preorder at $29.99 on their website (affiliate) with a $39.99 collector's edition that adds a soundtrack, steelbook case, 4 vinyl figures, and 3 stickers to your collection of game feelies.

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