Arc System Works Bans Streaming Episode Mode of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Published: June 5, 2018 11:55 PM /



Arc System Works announced its official guidelines for streaming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and many streamers aren’t happy with the restrictions. The guidelines allow for plenty of versus, open play and endless battle fun to be shown online. Story-based streamers need to stay out of Episode Mode when they’re online or they could face content ID claims and even requests from the company for bans from Twitter and similar services.

The restrictions stem from the company’s desire to ensure that everyone who purchases BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle gets to see the game with “fresh eyes.” They want the Episode Mode side of the game to be something that people can experience for themselves. The rules seem to be an honest attempt to avoid easy spoilers. I could also help prevent people from just ripping the soundtrack to monetize it online. The official notice on the website includes a note that the developers do appreciate the streaming community, but they feel this rule is “non-negotiable.”

Some streamers may feel that the rules inappropriately limit the things their audience hopes to see when viewing their channels. Or that drawing distinctions between the various modes is unfair. Currently, the PlayStation 4 version of the game prevents streaming or screenshots when players are in Episode Mode, though there are ways to circumvent this.

The Rules (from the official website):


Stream matches to your heart’s content. Either against other players (local or online), or against the CPU. Show off your mad skills.

Put together tutorial videos to break down characters, teams, strategies, or show how to pull off that amazing combo. More power to you!

Show us those online shenanigans, dance parties, and the like.


Stream Episode Mode at all. Just don’t. If you have to, very short clips of Episode Mode content up to Chapter 2 are permitted for video content only. Any longer clips, spoilers, or anything else is a danger area, so really, just avoid this all together.

Stream or upload any music-only content. Music playing in the background during matches, online lobbies, and etc are totally fine. A soundtrack rip or upload is not.

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