Apple Vision Pro AR Headset Officially Announced, Priced at $3,500

Published: June 5, 2023 3:21 PM /


Apple Vision Pro Price

Today, at the end of its WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple revealed Apple Vision Pro, its new augmented reality headset. 

Apple called it a "wearable spatial computer" because it's Apple, and of course, Apple can't simply settle with calling it what other companies call it. According to the company, it isn't just a new product, but the "start of an entirely new platform." The company claims that it's "the most advanced personal electronics device ever" with over 5,000 patents filed for its design.

The headset is capable of projecting apps in your field of vision pretty much as Microsoft's old Hololens does, but adds hand-tracking for gesture control without any controller, on top of eye tracking to let you control the icons on the virtual desktop with your gaze. 

The headset is powered by an M2 chip paired with an additional one called R1, capable of streaming images with a 12-millisecond lag. It also runs a dedicated operating system called "VisionOS." 

You'll be able to use the Apple Vision Pro for Facetime calls, but it'll build a digital persona of you instead of projecting your actual image. 

Almost no gaming content was mentioned during the presentation besides "over 100 games" available from Apple Arcade at launch. The headset will project them on a screen of the size you prefer, with "incredible audio" and controller support (the quick demonstration showing NBA 2K23 was displayed with a DualSense controller by Sony). We also hear that this is "just the start of how gaming will evolve on Vision Pro." 

As for entertainment, Disney Plus will also be available on day one. The Vision Pro will have its own new app store including all the apps for VisionOS alongside compatible iOS and MacOS apps. 

So, how much does this cost? The price is $3,499. It will come early next year in the US and later next year in other countries. Now that I've dropped this bomb, I'll leave you with the introduction trailer below.


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