Apex Legends Update Adds Leaver Penalty for Control, Fixes Bloodhound Prestige Skin

Published: February 22, 2022 2:31 PM /


Apex Legends Update Control leaver penalty cover

A new Apex Legends update has arrived, adding a penalty for people who leave Control games and fixing an issue with the Bloodhound Prestige Skin.

Apex Legends is in the opening weeks of Season 12, a new Battle Pass which held a special surprise for gamers -- a brand new game mode called Control was introduced for a limited time. Control lets two groups of 9 players (each comprised of 3 three-man squads) go head-to-head on maps where you have to capture and hold as many of the three objective points as you can.


Understandably, this game mode takes a little more coordination than usual. Someone leaving this game can swing the balance of a battle in the other direction -- and now, those leavers are going to be punished.

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What's New in Today's Apex Legends Update?

The most notable addition in today's Apex Legends Update is the institution of a Leaver Penalty for the Control Game Mode.

Typically, players who intentionally leave a game of Apex Legends early will get stuck with a cooldown preventing them from matchmaking into another game. This mechanism is intended to ensure that players will actually finish their matches rather than leaving in an attempt to requeue.

The new Control LTM, however, did not launch with this penalty in place. Just one person leaving your team of 9 can make a match much more difficult to win, and two or three people leaving can make it nigh-impossible to secure the dub. Hopefully, the institution of this penalty will fix the problem.

That's not all that's arrived in today's update, mind. The Bloodhound Prestige Skin -- which was introduced for the third-anniversary collection event --  had a bug that prevented players from progressing and unlocking the higher tiers of the skin. Respawn Entertainment says that that bug has now been resolved, although it hasn't yet detailed the promised "make-good" for the handful of players who were affected by this bug.


Today's update is also the "first of several updates" that aims to address issues with frame rate on consoles. You can join in on the Battle Royale fun by playing Apex Legends for free on PC and consoles right now. Don't delay -- there's only a week left for the third-anniversary collection event!



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