Apex Legends Season 2 Now Live, New Battle Pass Details Revealed

Published: July 3, 2019 12:20 PM /


apex legends season 2

Season 2 of battle royale FPS Apex Legends is now live. The update that brings the game into its new season is rolling out on all platforms. It brings with it a new Legend, tweaks to the game's Kings Canyon map, and plenty of minor improvements.

First up, EA has released some information about the Season 2 Battle Pass. The base pass will cost you 950 Apex Coins, while the upgraded Battle Pass Bundle will be 2,800 Apex Coins. The latter will immediately upgrade your Battle Pass to level 25 and unlock the Prince of Darkness Caustic skin straightaway. Both passes will bring regular challenges, music packs, new emotes, and the chance to earn more Legendary skins from the reward track. For more info on Apex Legends' Season 2 Battle Pass, check out the official website.

Outside of the Pass, big things are happening in Apex Legends Season 2. A new Legend, Wattson, has entered the arena. You can buy Wattson for 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. She's a defensive support with plenty of zoning tools and ways to help her team. Here's a full run-down of Wattson's abilities:

  • PASSIVE: Spark of Genius

    • Ultimate Accelerants fully charge Wattson’s ultimate. Standing near the Interception Pylon boosts Wattson’s tactical recharge rate.

  • TACTICAL: Perimeter Security

    • Create electrified fences by connecting nodes. Fences damage and slow enemies.

  • ULTIMATE: Interception Pylon

    • Place an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields [can place up to 3 Pylons at one time].

Big changes are also coming to Apex Legends' Kings Canyon. Leviathans have breached the perimeter, meaning the map is now populated by giant hulking beasts. Respawn says "many areas have been affected" by the new monsters. It's not entirely clear what they'll actually do, although the above trailer does show a character being crushed by a Leviathan's massive hoof. Expect environmental hazards at the very least.

It's all change in the gameplay department for Apex Legends too. Some changes are coming to the game's Ranked system, which you can read about in full right here. There's a new airdrop weapon, the L-STAR EMG, which fires high-damage plasma projectiles but will overheat if you fire it for too long. There are two new hop-ups: Disruptor Rounds and Hammerpoint Rounds. The first ammo type works with the Alternator and increases damage to shielded targets. The second is for the P2020 and Mozambique and increases damage to unshielded targets. There's also the new Energy Mag attachment, which increases magazine capacity as well as reload speed if it's rare or above. This attachment is for the Havoc, Triple Take, and Devotion weapons.

There's a lot I haven't even mentioned in Apex Legends' Season 2, so check out the full patch notes for everything that's been added or tweaked.

Are you looking forward to playing Apex Legends Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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