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Apex Legends Kicks Off Its Holo-Day Bash

December 12, 2019

By: Kyle Johnson


As announced at The Game Awards 2019, Apex Legends is getting a Mirage-themed limited-time Christmas event, the Holo-Day Bash. The event brings a new game mode and cosmetics, all available for a limited time. The dropship has been redecorated to get into the holiday spirit, and many of the characters have received similar skins. This is not Apex Legends' first seasonal event, with previous events featuring other, less gregarious characters. Apex Legends' Holo-Day Bash event is live now and will run through January 7th.

The new mode coming as part of the Holo-Day Bash is a non-Battle Royale mode in the Winter Express. Three teams of three fight to control a capture point on a train. Loadouts are predetermined, and you can switch characters in between rounds, in order to respond to what your opponents are running. The first team to three captures wins. The Holo-Day Bash also comes with a set of challenges where you can earn music packs, loading screens, as well as two legendary weapon skins. If that wasn't enough, twenty-four premium cosmetics are coming too, either for direct purchase or available in random packs. If you collect all of the event items, you earn Pathfinder's heirloom melee item, which gives him a pair of boxing gloves. You can view drop rates as well as peruse a few of the available skins over here.


Finally, Apex Legends will be running a double XP event through this weekend, applying to both your player level as well as your battle pass level. If you're looking to grind out more battle pass items, now might not be a bad time to do it, with World's Edge getting a makeover and a new mode dropping in. With the third season of Apex Legends' live service in full swing, the Holo-Day Bash event will push content into 2020. You can check out the event now, as it's live for all platforms.

What events do you think Respawn is going to run next? Were you a fan of Mirage's bombastic presentation? Let us know in the comments below!

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