Apex Legends Hack Allows Cheaters to Dual-Wield Guns

A new hack is making cheaters in Apex Legends virtually unstoppable. Not only can they dual-wield guns -- they can keep firing even after they've been knocked.

Published: February 24, 2022 2:34 PM /


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A new Apex Legends hack is doing the rounds, and this one is pretty bad -- it allows cheaters to dual-wield weapons and can apparently allow them to keep fighting even after they've been knocked.

Apex Legends is in the third week of its 12th Season and the celebration of the game's third anniversary. That's not to say there haven't been problems, mind; most recently, a bug prevented progress with Bloodhound's Prestige Skin; that bug was fixed earlier this week.

Unfortunately, cheaters are a crafty lot who occasionally find their way around a game's anti-cheat systems. The latest Apex Legends hack is a rather interesting one -- it apparently allows players to dual-wield guns and keep fighting after they've been knocked.

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The Dual-Wield Apex Legends Hack, Explained

Several examples of the latest Apex Legends hack have been showcased on the game's subreddit. First and foremost, this hack allows cheaters to dual-wield guns. That's kind of a problem since Apex Legends does not have a dual-wield mechanic at all.

This Reddit submission shows a low-level player with a name full of gibberish dual-wielding an R-99 SMG and a Wingman pistol. There does not appear to be any restrictions on which guns can be dual-wielded with this latest Apex Legends hack, either; a separate Reddit submission shows an Octane dual-wielding an R-301 Carbine and an R-99 SMG.

Dual-wielding guns is bad enough, but how about two guns in the same hand? It's a little difficult to notice at first, but this Reddit submission shows someone wielding 2 Wingman pistols in the same hand.

The wildest part of this hack, though, is that it apparently makes these cheaters virtually unstoppable. The player shown in this Reddit submission is still able to fire their left-hand gun after being knocked. According to the OP, the cheaters are able to shoot while they're using healing items, too.

Suffice it to say, this particular Apex Legends hack is pretty bad. Respawn Entertainment has not yet publicly commented on the hack; its most recent tweet details some changes to pricing for weapons in Arenas. I'm sure that they'll get a hand on fixing this issue sooner rather than later; for now, you can play Apex Legends for free on PC and consoles via its official website.

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