Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Arrives Next Week

A new Apex Legends LTE arrives next week — and it also happens to feature some big changes for Rampart in Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale game on PC and consoles.

Published: September 9, 2021 2:01 PM /


Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event cover

Respawn Entertainment has announced the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event, featuring some cool new cosmetics and some rather interesting balance changes to Rampart for this Battle Royale game on PC and consoles.

Apex Legends is in the middle of its 10th Season "Emergence" which launched a little more than a month ago. Now, Respawn Entertainment has announced that a new Limited Time Event will be arriving next week - and this one is all about the bombastic defensive legend Rampart.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Rampart Arenas
Rampart will be taking over Arenas with a special tracker for the duration of the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event.

What is the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event?

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event is split into two key parts: the Rampart Arenas Extravaganza (seen above) and Rampart's Town Takeover on World's Edge (seen in our header image).

The Rampart Arenas Extravaganza mixes up Apex Legends Arenas gameplay by offering special modded weapons to players at cheaper prices. This will, however, make lower tiers of those same weapons unavailable in Arena play. Completing the tracker for this Arenas LTE will unlock a bunch of cool gun charms, a couple of weapon skins, and some trackers.

Also arriving in this event is Rampart's Town Takeover. Rampart is opening up a mod shop called "Big Maude" near Lava City in World's Edge. Also, her mod shop is a gigantic tank because, well, Rampart loves them big guns. Players can hop inside and purchase Custom Modded Paintball Weapons from Vend-It Machines at various tiers; the shop also features a paintball course outside.

Naturally, this event will also have limited-time cosmetics available for purchase if you're looking to change up your style. It's already shaping up to be pretty cool, but that's not all that's on the way - the patch launching this event is also going to feature some serious changes to Rampart.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Rampart Heirloom
Rampart is finally getting an Heirloom with this new update.

What's Changing in the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Update?

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Update isn't just launching the Rampart LTE - it's also making some serious changes to that Legend. The biggest change for Rampart is coming to her Ultimate ability "Shiela" - players will now be able to move around while firing Rampart's iconic minigun. Players will have a longer spin-up time in the mode and Rampart will only get one magazine while she's mobile; she'll also have the option to deploy the gun in a static position as before and have infinite magazines.

The Rampart Heirloom is finally making its debut, too. The "Problem Solver" is a hefty pipe wrench that perfectly suits Rampart's style. It also happens to have a secret compartment in the handle for storing bubble gum.

A pair of minor (but nonetheless welcome) changes are coming to the UI. The "detected" widget will now show a character portrait to make it clear which legend you're fighting. For example, "Sonar Detected" will now show Bloodhound's icon so as to avoid any possibility of confusion with another Recon character. Death Boxes are getting a small buff, too - Evo Shields will now show how much health they have remaining.

Respawn Entertainment has also provided a detailed explanation for its earlier announcement on the removal of tap strafing. Of course, there are a ton of other balance changes, tweaks, and bug fixes in this update; you can read about all of the changes (and about this upcoming LTE) in the full Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Update patch notes.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event slice

When is the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Start Date?

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event start date is Tuesday, September 14, 2021. The event will run until September 28, 2021, so you'll have a total of two weeks to experience all of this cool new content.

LTE aside, there's still plenty of time left to enjoy the current season of Apex Legends - and the next season may very well debut a brand new map. You can play Apex Legends for free on PC and consoles via its official website.

What do you think of the upcoming Apex Legends LTE? Do you like the Rampart balance changes that are on the way? Let us know in the comments below!

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