Apex Legends Broken Moon Map Announced

Published: October 24, 2022 1:19 PM /


Screenshot from the release video of the new Apex Legends Broken Moon Map, where we see glorious landscapes to traverse

With the announcement of the newest Apex Legends Broken Moon map comes a new playable character, Catalyst. If that wasn't enough, there are new Zip Rails, stickers, and more headed our way for Season 15: Eclipse.

We learn that Broken Moon was a terraforming mission that was started by the Cleo Recovery Council after a meteor struck the ground in 2708. While the moon became inhabitable in 2715, Syndicate finally entered into a contract with the government in order to further fund the colonization of the moon. With Season 15, we not only get to see this crazy-looking new map, we see a new way to travel around; Zip Rails. Not only can you get around the map with ease in order to find new equipment, but you can also outrun the deadliest of foes and grab onto the line for a boost away from enemies, making you even more mobile than before. 

Screenshot of a player using the newest way to fast travel on the Apex Legends Broken Moon map, Zip Rails.

The map even sports some nifty new points of interest, where squads can now land together, and allow for more time to get your hands on those elusive loot boxes prior to the match starting. In the center of the map, players will see the extremely large structure known as the Terraformer, which can support up to four teams with a place to land. The Terraformer is stacked with loot boxes, and is a prime drop location; meaning you will need to watch your back every second while inside. 

The Statis Net array is home to even more loot boxes than one could fathom; making it a phenomenal spot to deck yourself out. With several entrances and exit points, this is a great place to evade enemy detection or escape by the skin of your teeth before being blasted into oblivion. The Broken Moon map is home to several amazing locations like the ones mentioned above. To read the full 411 on what's to come, check out EA's official site here

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