Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Introduces Prestige Skins

Published: February 10, 2022 2:48 PM /


Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event cover

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event has been revealed, introducing new Prestige Skins and featuring a ton of cool new cosmetics for the 3rd anniversary of EA and Respawn's Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends has finally kicked off Season 12 (and this time, the launch went much better than Season 11's). We're only a couple of days into the new Season, and Respawn Entertainment already has a new collection event in store, similar to the Raiders event of the previous season. There's one key difference, though -- this time, they're introducing some really interesting new cosmetics.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Tracker

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event will feature a 5000-point tracker for the duration of the experience, giving gamers the opportunity to earn a bunch of free cosmetics, Apex Packs, and crafting materials.

Of course, this upcoming event is also going to feature some Premium cosmetics. One of the interesting new additions this time around is "Squad Skins," sets of three themed skins for particular Legends.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Squad Skins

Squad Skins are adaptations of existing skins for other Legends. For example, Crypto's "Hypebeast" skin (seen above, center) was used as the inspiration to create new skins for Wattson (left) and Mirage (right).

The most interesting new addition, however, is Prestige Skins. These premium cosmetics will gradually evolve and unlock new appearances as you complete in-game challenges

The first of these skins will be available for Bloodhound. Once you purchase Tier 1, you can unlock Tier 2 by doing 30,000 damage with Bloodhound. Tier 3 can be unlocked by doing an additional 70,000 damage with Bloodhound. Not only does this final tier look neat -- it also unlocks a special finisher move called "Piercing Plasma." You don't have to upgrade, mind -- you can use any of the Prestige Skin tiers that you've unlocked.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event slice

When Is the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event?

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event will start on February 15, 2022. As always, a number of different cosmetics will be available in the store for a few days at a time, giving you several chances to purchase some of the new cosmetics launching with this event.

There's less than a week to go before this event begins, but you can jump into the game right now and enjoy the fun of Season 12 and the new Control LTM. You can play Apex Legends for free on PC and consoles right now. And if you'd prefer some real-world clothes, you can look forward to the relaunch of the Apex Legends Shop tomorrow afternoon.

What do you think of the new cosmetics in the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event? What do you think of the new Control LTM? Let us know in the comments below!

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