Morrowind Spring Modjam Brings Some New Mods Ahead of Annual Modding Contest

Published: April 23, 2021 12:40 PM /


The title screen for The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind.

Recently, the Reddit for The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, the third main game in the Elder Scrolls series, has just finished a game jam focused on creating mods for the 2002 title. With the jam wrapped up, the community is now looking forward to the next modding competition, which will be a month-long event.

Running through the first weekend of April, the 2021 Morrowind Spring Modjam is the third mod-themed game jam held by the Morrowind community and the first one held in the spring. During the event, participants had 48 hours to think up, design, and release a mod themed around Redoran.

In the end, 19 mods covering a variety of categories, such as quests, graphical overhauls, and creatures/NPCs, were submitted to the competition, and organizer DanaePlays streamed the results of the judging, with scores averaged among twelve judges, on her Twitch channel. The whole video, which shows all 19 mods and is archived on YouTube, can be seen below.

In the end, the big winner was "The Blight" by Greatness7 and Operatorjack. This gameplay mod provides a major overhaul to how blight diseases work, such as by making infected individuals look different, having the disease provide progressively worse effects if left untreated, and allowing for the active transmission of blight diseases by interacting with infected NPCs or objects. Second place went to Redoran Exile Armor By Ruffinvangarr, and third place to Lost Redoran Relics By Billyfighter.

If you're curious, rating was done by a panel of 12 judges who rated the mods and they were averaged out to score them.

With this event over, the community is taking a break before the next major event. Starting on the first of May, the 7th Annual Modathon Month Modding Competition will see another round of mods created by the Morrowind community.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is available for purchase on Steam.

What Morrowind mods took part in the competition?

Here's a list of all the mods that took part in the competition


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