Anno 1800 Season 2 Pass Announced with 3 DLCs

Published: March 9, 2020 2:41 PM /


anno 1800

Anno 1800 was Ubisoft's seventh installment in the franchise, and brought the series' fans into the Industrial Revolution times in the 19th century. Shortly after its release back in April 2019, the title received its first season pass, adding three distinctive DLCs to the main game. The Sunken TreasuresBotanica, and The Passage pushed players to explore the legendary northwest passage in addition to building your own tourism haven with botanical gardens and musical pavilions. Ubisoft revealed Anno 1800's season 2 pass, and it brings more content to an already dense game.

The Season 2 pass features three DLCs just like its predecessor; Seat of Power, Bright Harvest, and Land of Lions. The Seat of Power expansion releases on March 24th, giving players the authority to build governmental institutions and palaces to produce rules and regulations. Bright Harvest focuses on giving players the opportunity to take advantage of technological advancements and introduce mechanized farming, boosting the harvests' quality, quantity, and your overall economy. Last but not least, Land of Lions will allow you to travel to the Southern continent and "bring life to the desert using the new irrigation system."

Studio Manager at Ubisoft Mainz, David Wightman, expressed his excitement towards the content created as well as thanking the community for their feedback as it has helped the development team in producing what they truly want.

Our team at Ubisoft Mainz is extremely happy about the results of Anno 1800 so far and thanks to the constant feedback by the community, we are highly motivated to bring new content to the Anno brand in 2020.

Anno 1800's Season 2 pass is already available through Uplay and Epic Games Store, priced at €25. Those interested in trying out the title, Ubisoft is offering everyone a free trial of the game between March 12th until March 15th, including all three tiers and co-op mode. 

Let us know which DLC are you most looking forward to in the second season pass of Anno 1800.

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