Aniplex Acquires Fate/Grand Order Dev's Games Division

Published: December 15, 2021 8:16 AM /


The Aniplex and Delightworks logos

Anime production studio Aniplex has purchased the gaming arm of Delightworks, the developer of mobile tactical RPG Fate/Grand Order. Going forward, publishing duties on the mobile game will be split between Aniplex, Notes (also known as Type-Moon), and the new, unnamed company that will succeed Delightworks.

How will the Aniplex Delightworks purchasing deal work?

Per an Aniplex press release (which is entirely in Japanese, so we're using machine translation), the gaming division of Delightworks will split from the parent company, forming a new outfit. It's this company that will be acquired by Aniplex. The development team for Fate/Grand Order will be transferred to the new company, which is nameless as yet.


Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game developed by new Aniplex acquisition Delightworks
Publishing duties on Fate/Grand Order will now be split three ways between Aniplex, Type-Moon, and a new, unnamed studio.

It's worth noting here that Aniplex has not acquired the entirety of Delightworks. Rather, the studio has purchased the Fate/Grand Order developer's gaming division, with the rest of Delightworks' business remaining in operation independently of Aniplex. Presumably, this means that the products and sports wings of Delightworks will continue to operate, but we'll have to wait until the deal is finalized in spring next year for more details.

What does this deal mean for Fate/Grand Order?

For the most part, you're unlikely to notice much of a difference in Fate/Grand Order. The entire development team is being incorporated into the new company being formed by Aniplex's acquisition, so it'll still be the same folks working on the game. This also won't affect games in the Fate series developed by other studios, so titles like the action-heavy Fate/Extella Link aren't part of this deal.

Fate/Extella Link, a Fate game developed by Marvelous
Other Fate games like Fate/Extella Link aren't affected by this new Aniplex deal.

We'll bring you more on this deal as soon as we get it. In the meantime, you can grab Fate/Grand Order from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store if you're a mobile gamer. The tactical RPG is free to play on both platforms, but it does have a gacha mechanic on which you can either spend the in-game currency or real money to acquire new characters.


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