Anime Digital Board Game 100% Orange Juice Hits 1 Million Downloads, Offers Free Character

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Anime Digital Board Game 100% Orange Juice Hits 1 Million Downloads, Offers Free Character

December 26, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Fruitbat Factory, publisher of anime-esque digital board game 100% Orange Juice, has announced that the game and DLC have hit 1 million downloads. They're celebrating by releasing a new character for the game. Best of all, the character is free.

The news was announced on the 23rd, with Fruitbat Factory revealing that the game had hit 1 million downloads between both the game and its various DLC characters. To celebrate, a new character named Mio the Magical Devil is now available to play. The character will be free to anyone playing the game during the Master of the Minions event, which is going on right now. Once the event is over, Mio will remain in the game and can be unlocked by players who complete a set of tasks. You can see a trailer with Mio in action below.

If you've yet to play it, 100% Orange Juice is a rather silly anime-esque board game where you'll move characters around the board. The game has you rolling dice and drawing cards from a deck to play against other players. As the turns go by you'll earn stars that you can use to upgrade your character. Each character has special cards and stats, and your goal is to complete little unique quests each character is given, which has them collect wins. Once they hit a certain amount of wins then that player, well, wins.

The digital board game originally launched in Japan in 2009, not hitting the United States, and the rest of the world, until 2014. The game features characters from various games published by Fruitbat Factory, such as QP Shooting - Dangerous!!, Acceleration of Suguri 2, Sora, and more.


100% Orange Juice is currently available exclusively on PC.

Are you interested in picking up 100% Orange Juice? Surprised the game his a million downloads? Excited to give the new character a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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