Animal Crossing: New Horizons Style System Lets You Make Custom Wallpaper

Published: March 10, 2020 2:11 PM /


Animal Crossing: New Horizons style cover

Nintendo has debuted the Animal Crossing: New Horizons style system in a short trailer that made its debut today. One of the coolest new reveals is that players will be able to make their own custom wallpaper for the game, and it also seems that some of the purchased wallpapers will be animated!

Check out the Animal Crossing: New Horizons style trailer to see this new feature in motion:

The trailer shows the player character visiting the Able Sisters to change her clothing and hairstyle to something that they feel better suits them. We then see the player deploy a bunch of furniture items in their house, design a custom wallpaper, and sit down in their chair. After that, we see a montage of other player's houses.

One of these other player houses also happens to show an animated wallpaper, a first for the series. An ocean-themed house has wallpaper with fish on it and the fish are actually moving!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons style maker
Players can create wallpaper designs using a simple pixelized interface.

Can the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Style System Be Used to Design Other Things?

One thing is a bit unclear — can you make styles for other things or just wallpapers?

The customization scene in Animal Crossing is pretty strong and there are countless mods and ROM hacks that are just a Google search away. With the addition of the style system, players will probably not want to stop at just designing wallpapers.

Previously, the Animal Crossing franchise let players create custom outfits and share them via QR codes. Now, the Nintendo Switch era should allow for even more cool collaborations to be done — but we'll have to wait to find out how that will work.

What do you think of the furniture and customization shown off in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons style system? Are you looking forward to getting your home just right? Let us know in the comments below!


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