Animal Crossing Datamine Shows Brewster May Still Be Coming

Published: July 30, 2021 3:47 PM /


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A new Animal Crossing datamine has revealed some interesting new data — it looks like Brewster's Cafe may still be coming to the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the newest game in the Animal Crossing franchise. It's been pretty well-received, rapidly becoming the #2 best-selling Nintendo Switch game to date. Popularity aside, though, there are a number of iconic characters still missing in action — but a recent datamine suggests that Brewster might be coming back in the future.


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What the Animal Crossing Datamine Tells Us About Brewster's Cafe

The Animal Crossing datamine detailed by Animal Crossing World explains that the 1.10 and 1.11 Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates made some small changes behind the scenes. These tiny changes, however, could have huge implications.

Back in 2020, a dataminer named Ninji discovered additional "space" in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons code for the Museum that would have effectively allowed for extra upgrades. At the time, there was room for the Museum to expand twice; the Art Gallery had not yet made its debut. With the Art Gallery now live in the game, there's still one open space for an extra upgrade.


That brings us to Brewster and his café "The Roost." Brewster is a pigeon who cooks up coffee for your character and has made an appearance in several games. The Roost is occasionally placed as a standalone building, but it's also been featured as an upgrade for the Museum.

Now here's where things get more interesting — a third type of Museum entrance referred to as "IdrMuseumEnt03" was added in Version 1.10 along with new camera settings for "IdrMuseumCafe." Combine these two code changes discovered in the Animal Crossing datamine with the knowledge that Brewster's Cafe was sometimes built as part of the Museum and we have a pretty strong suggestion that this feature is in development.

Bear in mind, however, that datamined information is not an indication that something will actually come to the game. Previous datamining efforts correctly predicted the later reveal of Redd and the diving mechanic, but other datamined elements — such as a second upgrade for Nook's Cranny — still haven't been made a reality. There's no real way of knowing what's going on behind the scenes at Nintendo, and there's always the possibility that their plans may have been slowed down due to the challenges arising from the pandemic.


Still, these more recent changes found in the latest Animal Crossing datamine suggest that Brewster may very well be in active development over at Nintendo — and with more Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates on the way, it might end up being pretty soon. Nintendo certainly has a penchant for surprising gamers, too, considering that a special edition of Monopoly just sprung up on store shelves with no announcement. In the meantime, there's still plenty of great content to enjoy in the game — you can buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Amazon or on the Nintendo eShop for $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

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Do you think we'll see Brewster's Café debut in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year? Which other missing NPCs would you like to see return to the game? Let us know in the comments below!



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