Angry Birds Action! Launches on iOS and Android

Published: April 29, 2016 11:20 AM /


Angry Birds Action

Angry Birds Action!an Angry Birds game with pinball-style gameplay, has launched on iOS and Android according to IGN.

Previous Angry Birds games were side-scrolling physics games similar to the classic Flash game Crush The CastlePlayers would be taking on the role of a group of birds who were rather upset that the villainous Piggies had stolen their eggs. Birds of varying abilities would launch themselves at the Piggy strongholds in an effort to kill all of the enemies on a level.

Angry Birds Action! has moved from side-scrolling 2D into a top-down 3D environment. The gameplay is instead closer to that of a pinball game as shown in this video. The birds are aimed and launched in a similar manner to the catapult in the original Angry Birds games. Birds have a limited amount of bounces, and players must aim to have the birds break their way through multiple different obstacles by ricocheting off of the level geometry.

Angry Birds Action! nonetheless includes some of the hallmarks of its predecessor series. There's an awful lot of levels - "hundreds" according to the release page. Each level has a star rating system from 1-3 stars. Players also have to deal with an "Energy Meter" that limits their attempts at playing levels; energy recharges over time or through cash shop purchases.

One of the features of the game are "BirdCodes". BirdCodes are similar in concept to QR Codes in that you can scan them to unlock things in the game. The upcoming Angry Birds Movie is slated to include a Bird Code that will unlock Piggy Island in the game. Over 1 billion codes have been distributed to a wide variety of products including movie posters, Lego sets, and McDonald's packaging.

Angry Birds Action! requires Android 4.1 and up or iOS 8.0 and up depending on your platform. You can download the game for free on both Android and iOS.

Do you think Angry Birds Action! will garner the same popularity as its predecessors? Do you think it's cool that Rovio is expanding the Angry Birds IP to other kinds of games or are you tired of them already? What do you think of the BirdCodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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