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Published: December 12, 2014 8:22 PM /


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So after some dithering around and public uncertainty on the point, it has been announced that at least one third party company will be having Amiibo support for their game. This lucky company to have the first shot at this is Namco Bundai for their November release One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X.

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X is currently only in Japan, but despite being a 3DS exclusive will have some Amiibo support going forward. To do this one will need either the new 3DS' that haven't crossed to the west yet or the adapter that is coming in 2015 for older 3DS. In the game what the Amiibo's do is give the characters special costumes to make them dress up like your favourite Nintendo character. The news comes from a forum post where they put up a picture of an advertisement about it. The image, with its Japanese language will be posted at the bottom of this article for those who want to see the costumes and such.


The news for this though reaches far beyond one game getting Amiibos to work with them. This is Nintendo saying that third party's will be allowed to use the Amiibo's in their game - though what conditions and costs might be entailed are presently unknown. Not all games are necessarily a great fit for Amiibo's because they are more serious, and have nothing to do with Nintendo characters, but even there one could see some unlockables or special costumes being added.

It is also proof that Nintendo is committed to the Amiibo after their smash success so far. Despite being usable in few games right now, the Amiibo is collecting tons of praise and popularity as a toy/collector's item as well, with some factory defect versions collecting thousands in Ebay auctions despite the product's newness. Nintendo seems to be hoping that the Amiibo can be the winner for it that the WiiU's second screen wasn't and may be right about that.

The other bit this proves is that Nintendo wasn't blowing smoke around when they talked about making more partnerships with third party company's using the brands to some degree in the wake of Hyrule Warriors.


Thanks to Tanis Pallagi for confirming the translation on this!

What do you think of Namco Bandai getting to use the Amiibos? Do you think Nintendo will continue to work with other company's in this fashion? Are there any games you'd like to see get Amiibo support outside of Nintendo's core line up? 

The Advertisment, showing the characters and how Amiibos will work. In Japanese.

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