Amazon Studios Greenlights Costume Quest Animated Series

Published: February 13, 2017 4:20 PM /


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Double Fine Productions’ hit Costume Quest has long been rumored to have an animated adaptation in development, but a TV show of the series has finally been confirmed to be picked up by Amazon Studios. Developed and directed by Tasha Harris, Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed, “lite” roleplaying game in which gamers can choose to play as one of two twin siblings, either Wren or Reynold. The unlucky sibling is then kidnapped by monsters from another dimension after unwisely dressing as a piece of candy corn. The protagonist then teams up with local kids Lucy and Everett in order to save their sibling, beat the monsters and get home before curfew. In the sequel, the kids once again team up, this time to save the future from the villainous anti-Halloween wrath of deranged dentist Dr. Orel White.

According to the information released by Amazon, the series will follow the basic plot of the first game – “The show stars four kids facing off against the dark forces lurking in the shadows of their sleepy town of Auburn Pines. To overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, they must learn to unlock and master the magical powers of supernormal costumes—with each costume comes a new set of transformations and powers.

Will McRobb, best known for his work on The Adventures of Pete & Pete on Nickelodeon, will serve as executive producer and story editor for the series and will be joined as executive producer by Fred Seibert, Kevin Kolde, and Eric Homan. Kolde, Homan, and Seibert have experience producing Cartoon Network’s cult hit Adventure Time and Seibert has also been a producer on The Fairly Oddparents! since its inception in 2001. Also of note is that Kolde and Seibert have both been linked to Netflix’s upcoming Castlevania animated adaptation.

Costume Quest is being produced at Seibert’s Frederator Studios, a WOW! Unlimited Media company. It will also be Double Fine Productions’ first foray into TV adaptation for any of their properties.

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