Amazon May Be Entering The Console Wars

March 18, 2014 12:29 PM

By: Patrick Webb


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Leaked photos from a Brazilian regulatory agency similar to the FCC and posted on media blog zatsnotfunny, show a controller made by and for Amazon.




Recently, Amazon has acquired gaming developer Double Helix and the rights to Strider and Killer Instinct. This information, along with the advent of a possible controller, indicate that Amazon may be looking to contend with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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Upon close inspection we can see a similar setup to modern-day controllers. It seems as though Amazon may be trying to stick closely with what seems to already work for Microsoft and Sony. The middle button is for Amazon's cloud service, and on the bottom there looks to be playback controls. This would make sense, as recently Amazon informed the public of their Amazon T.V. possibly slated for the holidays season of 2014.

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Sources say the console would be Android based, much like the Ouya, and provide streaming and Bluetooth capabilities. The market seems fresh with new ideas as Steam, along with these Android based devices, seem to be wedging their way into the fray.

Let us know what you think about Amazon's new venture, and if it will be sustainable considering Sony and Microsoft's firm grasp on the industry.


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