Amazon Gets 'First-Look' Deal for Video Game Movies & TV Shows from dj2 Entertainment

Published: February 17, 2022 4:28 PM /


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dj2 Entertainment has signed a "first-look" deal with Amazon Studios, potentially bringing one or more video game movies and TV shows to Amazon Prime Video in the future.

A decade or so ago, video game movies were a bit of a joke. Most adaptations were not that great, the sole exception perhaps being the first Silent Hill film. In recent years, however, things have been getting better -- and some of your favorite video games may be getting movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video.

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Movie and TV adaptations for Hazelight's It Takes Two were announced earlier this year.

dj2 Entertainment Could Be Bringing Video Game Movies & TV Shows to Amazon Prime

As Deadline reports, dj2 Entertainment has signed a "first-look" deal with Amazon Studios, giving the latter the opportunity to bring video game movies and TV shows to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. As the name implies, a first-look deal gives Amazon Studios the right to accept or pass on any of the involved productions from dj2 Entertainment.

Most recently, dj2 Entertainment announced that it was working on TV and movie adaptations for Hazelight's It Takes Two, a co-op game that managed to sell over a million copies in its first month. The company is also working on adaptations for three Raw Fury Games and Little Nightmares, among others; it's perhaps best known for being one of the companies behind the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

"The dj2 team has long believed that video games would one day serve as incredible source material for stories told in television and film, and that it was only the lack of love and respect for the artform which previously held successful adaptations back," said dj2 Entertainment founder and CEO Dmitri M. Johnson. "Moreover, it is truly an honor to have Prime Video as our platform partner. A partner who truly supports us, as well as our grand ambitions, for telling the best international gaming stories with no limitations in how high we may collectively aim."

Many of the movies and TV shows created by Amazon Studios are adaptations of other material. Some of the more notable examples include the television shows Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and The Expanse, the latter of which was picked up by the production company after SyFy canceled the show at the end of its third season.

This deal opens up new opportunities for video game movies and TV shows to pop up on Amazon Prime Video, making it an even bigger value for gamers than it already is. However, we can't say which movies or shows will be premiering on the streaming service until an announcement for each individual property is made.

Do you think Amazon can do a good job of marketing movies and TV shows based on video games? What's your favorite video game adaptation from the last few years? Let us know in the comments below!