Amazon Games To Publish Diablo 2 Resurrected Studio's New Online Game

Published: June 3, 2022 4:00 PM /


Amazon's New World.

With Amazon being such a large company it has its hands in many projects and that includes making big games. It took a huge step into this world with the launch of the online game New World in 2021 and more recently Lost Ark in 2022. Both these games were well-received and now Amazon Games plans to publish the latest game by Disruptive Games. With a portfolio including Diablo 2 Resurrected and Godfall, this studio has a reputation for creating large-scale fantasy games. With their newest IP to be published by Amazon, they're aiming to release an online multiplayer game with competitive and co-operative elements at some point in the future for an unspecified number of platforms.

Amazon Games Signs Disruptive Games

Disruptive signs.


Despite recent success, Amazon Games had rocky start when it first began. It tried to release a multiplayer brawler called Breakaway in 2016 which was canceled after a poor test run, while Crucible released in 2020 before going back to closed beta and then being canceled. They redeemed themselves with their very own game New World, which was closely followed by working to bring Smilegate RPG and Tripod's Lost Ark to the west after success in Korea. By signing on Disruptive Games, Amazon is expanding its publishing by signing a deal with this California-based studio. Since both of Amazon's notable titles were both online games, it makes sense that they would work with Disruptive Games who's most recent released work was on Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Based on interviews with people at both Amazon and Disruptive, it appears that the teams share similar goals. Amazon Games states a desire to "foster strong communities and keep people playing for years to come." This is evident considering the massive community created following the launch of New World. Disruptive Games expresses positivity in working with Amazon in "building an online experience that kindles creativity and fosters positive social interactions." With the success of externally-created Lost Ark, Disruptive Games feels they are in good hands with Amazon as their publishers

It's currently unknown what the new game they are working on is, though they do call it an action-adventure game. One of the most important bits being that it will be both a competitive and cooperative while being a whole new IP to explore. To aid in its development, Disruptive Games is looking for new people to join their efforts with positions in UI/UX Design, Game Design, and Live Ops currently being offered, which means that after its released we should expect to see ongoing development much like New World, and Lost Ark have seen.


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